Do you wish leadership wasn't so complicated or heavy?

  • It just seems true that- If I can help them, then I should help them. 
  • I work hard and there is always more to do and I don’t feel like my work is good enough. 
  • Other people have certain impressions of me and I need to change that. 
  • This thing happened, and now I don’t have the confidence that I did before. 
  • There this one person. I’m really trying to support him, but he’s just not getting it. 
  • It doesn’t matter that I’m exhausted. I have to get-it-done anyway.
  • Sometimes my head is so busy/loud/stressed in a meeting, I don’t contribute in the way I want.
  • I’m working harder and longer than I want to continue doing.
  • I need a voice at the table. 
  • I’m taking it for the team at the cost of my health and family and it still doesn’t seem like I’m doing enough. 
  • I really do like to help but I allow more distractions than I want.
  • Shame or guilt is my go-to emotion.
  • I have a hard time relaxing. 
  • I work hard to display one part of me while shoving into silence other parts.

Leadership doesn’t have to be as messy as the people it supports. 


You can be the calm in the storm, the guiding light, the lifting force.   


Maybe this also sounds familiar:  


I want to do good, make an impact, and be a great leader while I'm at work, and I want an amazing life outside of work too. 


But how?


It’s completely possible to undo gender and corporate programming and re-write the rules so that your leadership is simple, and joyful, and loving, and all the best things you are. 


Enter Simply Loving Leadership


All you need to do is:

  • Show up like you. 
  • Be willing to learn and serve.
  • Simplify. Love. Lead.      

Let me show you how.


Two main components

of Simply Loving Leadership


 your leadership map 

brain coaching




Together we create a completely customized leadership map just for your team, your organization, your style, and your brain!  


You'll know the exact steps to follow to manage and lead your projects and team.


  • Creating personal and team mission, and identifying those guiding values. 
  • Motivating - the low and high achievers.
  • Genuinely helpful, simple, lovingly-respectful feedback - that you can look forward to giving!
  • Develop team/project culture.
  • Setting expectations and holding your people accountable. 
  • How and when to delegate.
  • Communicating with that team member... and all the others.
  • You'll have a deeper understand of your personal triggers and weaknesses and how to manage them
  • ...and so so much more.


That's when just-trying-to-keep-on-top-of-everything leadership, becomes...simple leadership



And listen, my friend. Your mess (read: depression, anxiety, human experiences, etc.)  is part of your leadership. It’s okay to bring your full self with you. In fact, it’s’ the only way to lead without burnout or apathy. 


I don't mean for you to spill yourself all over your people, but to show up as human and support yourself through all your humanness instead of rejecting or hiding it.  

You can be a hot mess, and have simply loving leadership.  


It’s not OR, it’s always been AND.


It’s YES to all of it, and all of you!


There’s some undoing and redesigning that need to happen.


It can be uncomfortable at first. 


You might be unsure if it’s even okay to have simply loving leadership. I promise it’s okay, and it’s possible. 


I’m here to be your guide all the way to the other side. It’s so fun!


Come with me.

Yes, your customized map makes all the difference,

but there is so so much more.


It's like this, my friend...

We take it to the next level and learn what you need to do to follow your map, find your leadership voice,  grow your presence, and simply love your leadership journey (and the journey of your life)!



The brain coaching component has 3 pillars: Simple, Love, and Leadership.

The Simple Pillar


You’ll learn: 


  • Customized time management tools like you've never seen before. 
  • The skills to start where you are and get out of your own way.  
  • The one technique to cut out the rumination and second guessing. 
  • The #1 obstacle to doing what you decide to do, and how to take the actions that serve you best. 
  • How to have firmness of purpose so you can create and enforce excellent boundaries.
  • To support your growth so you can do this for others with ease. 
  • Create consistency and sustainability. 
  • The powerful self-evaluation tool to hustle less and love life and leadership more.
  • You'll learn to be boring in all the best ways - reallocating that time and energy for what you really want.


The Love Pillar


You’ll learn:

  • To be in partnership with your organization and people and personal values. 
  • The concept that will make honoring your unique self at the top of your list, not the bottom. 
  • The tool to make success achievable every time. 
  • The non-manipulative way to get the results you want.
  • How to live in integrity with what you preach. 
  • How to support and love you now. 
  • The skill of being your own mentor. 
  • Develop the skills to generate the energy you want to fuel your leadership.
  • How to bring accountability, responsibility and integrity to you people.
  • How to support yourself in your truth.
  • In short: to do what love would do.

The Leadership Pillar 


You'll learn:

  • Learn the first thing that stops you from implementing that new thing you created.
  • One principle that makes building trust simple. 
  • Skills for true listening.
  • How to embody your values in your leadership. 
  • Coaching tools for team work.
  • The two rules for showing up authentically. 
  • How to live into your leadership philosophy and mission.
  • The way to create the future you want right now.
  • The two things that make negotiation simple and easy. 
  • How to invite inspiration and motivation.
  • How to draw in the kind of people you want on your team. 
  • Methods for strategically looking ahead, lifting up and supporting from behind.
  • How to maintain a beautiful collaborative culture with your people.


Once you have your Leadership Map and you know how to manage your brain... leadership is simple and loving. 


Your leadership just runs on autopilot, and when you encounter an obstacle, you grab your map toolkit and go!


These tool 100% apply to your life: Your personal goals, your relationships, your parenting, etc. 


These concepts are simple, but they are not easy to implement at first.  That’s why I’m here. 

What we'll do together:




  • We have weekly amazing one-on-one coaching calls via zoom where so much magic happens. 
  • Together we’ll create your personalized Leadership Map. 
  • I’ll teach you the concepts and skills of the three pillars and customize it for what you need right now in your current role and where you want to go next. 
  •  I’ll show you where you are getting in your way and support in your decisions to up-level your life and leadership. 
  • We keep it simple. We laugh and have so much fun. 
  • We have three months together so we take it one step at a time. 
  • We do what love would do.
  • And then you lead in a way that feels truly, simply, lovingly, amazing! 


I’ve got you. Let’s go!