I am a leader, a business owner, a mother and a human like you just trying to figure out how to show up as the best me.  I keep things simple.   I use simple rules and plans (I created and love) to drive my actions instead of letting drama, doubt and powerlessness drive them. My mistakes don't get in the way of an amazing life, they are part of my  amazing life. 


But I wasn't always this way.


For years I did things the hard way.  I took things  personally,  while always maintaining that outward calm professionalism. I felt like I had to live by the rules instead of changing them.  I was a perfectionist, a people pleaser and had very little compassion for myself.  The changes I see in my clients after 3 months, took me 13 years to make!   It's my personal mission to enjoy autonomy, purpose and mastery, while prioritizing family and financial freedom.  The mission of my business is to re-member true leadership, one woman at a time.

What's your mission? Are you living into it?

  • Leadership

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Health Education, and an Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.

  • Coaching

    The greatest skills I have to help you & I to simply be the best us I learned in my training with The Life Coach School and the Leadership Coach LLC. I’m a certified coach and I’m honored to do the work I do in servant leadership.

  • Content

    I've created programs for bolder leadership, building your relationship with yourself as a leader, new leadership, and how to run your own clinical practice, and I love to speak and coach at leadership conferences.

    I think about you, my leaders, all the time. I love you and want you to expand.

Today I have the privilege of helping women (and a few men) live and lead in simple, loving ways. 


I’m honored to do this work. I see you - beautiful, unique, courageous leaders.


I get to help you see it too. All of it.


...and then level up!