Success Stories


Erin W.

      Natalie helped me realize that many of my fears and anxieties were in my own head. She gave me the tools to replace these thoughts with kinder, more productive ones that make me feel at peace with who I am. I’m amazed at how Natalie doesn’t tell me what or how to change, but helps guide me to the answers on my own making the process more impactful.


Paula E.

      When I started working with Natalie, I had just stepped into a new role as a business owner and entrepreneur. I often felt overwhelmed by the new challenges and responsibilities, and I needed help finding clarity and direction with my goals.
      Working 1:1 with Natalie was tremendously powerful. She asked all the right questions that helped me dig deep, consider new perspectives, and create an actionable plan for my end-of-year goals. What’s more, by the end of our eight weeks working together, I had already made several of those goals a reality!

      If you’re looking for someone to help you develop confidence in yourself and your abilities so you can level up your life, then look no further than Natalie. She’s fantastic!


McKae J.

      I had the greatest time working with Natalie, the LeadBold Lessons she curated lined up perfectly with the situations I was experiencing at the time. I walked away with tools to help me regain confidence in my own ability to notice and reframe my thoughts. I enjoyed how personable Natalie is and am grateful for her listening ear and the laughs along the way. Would recommend 100%!

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